About Me

Hello there, my name is Dimas Suryo and I’m an Indonesian from the ethnic Javanese, the largest ethnic groups in Indonesia. I studied marketing management but I have a fond interest in history, cultures, culinary, books, movies and travelling. I sometimes spend much of my time thinking about random things too. That’s what inspires me to write this blog.

I occasionally write about economy, management, history, culture, various reviews about books, movies, and foods. I sometimes write about my travelling experiences too.

On a daily basis, I’m helping my family ventures but also with the help of my friend, we started our own company in Travel Industry in 2016 named Bersukaria Tour. It’s still a part time job though but I eager to make it as my full time activity later on after I can put my family ventures in autopilot condition.

I love working on my newly start up job because it based on everything that I crave for in life which are business, travel, culture, culinary and history.

I love to meet, greet and serve my clients. My favorite part is when we can share and learn our cultures together. Makes no mistake, even with the fellow Indonesians who live in other parts of the country, we sometimes still encounter the culture shocks since sometimes Javanese culture is different with the cultures from various part of the country like Sundanese, Jakarta, Dayaknese, even the fellow Javanese.

On my spare time I always renew my knowledge about history and then I have the opportunity to tell it to my clients. I would love to do this for the rest of my life.

I’m still a small scale entrepreneur nonetheless. Hence I still need to renew my skills and knowledge about how to run a profitable business.

Therefore I would like to use this blog to share everything that I interested in and could receive a feedback from my dear readers. Please like, comment, and share any of my articles if you think some of these articles are interesting.

Sincerely yours,

Dimas Suryo