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Darth Vader Figure To Me

I love Star Wars so much. But it doesn’t turn me into a fanatic one who read all novels, spin offs, watch the cartoons, play the games, or even collect the collectibles such as clothes, toys, action figures or else. I only have very few collection of Star Wars items which is some Lego toys and T-shirts.

I only have three Star Wars T-shirts and I just realized that every single of them has the picture of Darth Vader and his notorious satiric quotes such as,”It is pointless to resist” and “your lack of faith is disturbing.”

Darth Vader, just like any other Star Wars fans had become my favorite character in Star Wars. I think it also has a relation with my real life.

Long Story Short of Darth Vader

For you who have watched all six episodes of Star Wars, you must be aware of who he is. His original name was Anakin Skywalker. He is a son of a slave from the Planet Tatooine named Kimi Skywalker. No one knows who he father was although there are many theories about who is the father of Anakin Skywalker. One theory also include Chancellor Palpatine was his father. But again it’s only a theory.

One day there was a Jedi Master name Qui Gon Jin who was on the run on a diplomatic mission along with Queen Amidala from the Planet Naboo to negotiate the opening of the blockade by the Trade Federation led by the Viceroy Gunray to the Capital Planet of Coruscant. While on the run with their space ship, the ship was intercepted by the Trade Federation’s fighters. The ship contained some damage from the attack and in a dire need of reparation. Then they decided to stop by to Planet Tatooine in order to look for the spare parts to fix the ship.

Qui Gon went to a small shop that sells space ship spare parts. There where he met this young boy named Anakin. Qui Gon sensed that this kid has a strong Force within him. Qui Gon believes that this kid fits the prophecy that is circulating around the Jedi temple that one day there will be someone who is strong enough to bring the balance to the Force.

Qui Gon decided to take this kid with him to be trained as a Jedi Master under the approval of his mother. Sadly though, when the first time this kid is brought into the Jedi council, the council didn’t grant the permission to train him amidst his extraordinary skill. The council things that he is to old to be trained as a Jedi.

Long story short, he managed to be trained as a Jedi. He was also an exceptional pilot. He also has an ambition to become a master and the member of the council when he grow up later. This thought faced a big resistance from the whole council.

Knowing that he only has a small to impossible chance to become a member of the council, there is someone who knows the way to the Dark Side of the Force and help Anakin to multiply his skills and becoming a master. This man is the Chancellor Palpatine. The head of the senate and the head of the government of the Galactic Republic. He is the Sith Lord who had been looking for by the Jedi for centuries. But due to his careful calculation and diplomatic skills, He could hide his original identity.

Anakin was seduced by the offer of the Chancellor Palpatine and he decided to turn into the Dark Side. Palpatine or also Darth Sidious then gave him a title Darth Vader.

Although Darth Vader is not signed as a member of the military in the Galactic Imperial Army and didn’t earn any rank, he was a very respected person inside the Galactic Imperial Army. However some members inside the military despise his presences in the military.

He has a son named Luke Skywalker who is not yet turned to the Dark Side. Luke was hidden from the emperor by Qui Gon’s apprentice named Obi Wan Kenobi to his home planet of Tatooine where he is going to be raised by his uncle Owen and his aunt Beru.

Luke never realized that Darth Vader was his father until the two were met in the Cloud City on the Mining Planet of Bespin. Luke couldn’t believe what he heard when Darth Vader told him that he is his father. Darth Vader tried to persuade Luke to join him and overthrow the emperor and rule the galaxy. His offer is fair enough for me though. Nevertheless, Luke decided to decline the offer and ran away from his father.

In the next rendezvous with his father in the Forest Moon of Endor, Luke finally accepted the fate that Darth Vader is his father but Luke still didn’t want to turn to the Dark Side. He asked his father to leave the Dark Side instead and come with him and return to the Light Side. But Darth Vader also declined his offer and said to his son,”It is too late for me, son.”

It’s still a long story to read though but at least you don’t have to spend hours watching the whole of six episodes of Star Wars only to learn the story of Darth Vader.

My Father Was Seduced by The Dark Side

My father, although he is not as unfortunate as a little Anakin, was a little boy from a small city who stepped his career to become a civil engineer. It was an occupation that was quite rare when my father graduated. Hence he earned his promising start to become a successful civil engineer. He raised up to the top quickly and also earned a lot of fortunes from what his doing. He led several development projects to during his active career as an engineer in the road and bridge division at the department of public works. Then he was seduced by the dark side of ambition.

Years after the marriage with my mom, the living condition of my family was constantly improving. My father’s career was on the rise. We moved from a small rented house to the house of our own. My father even managed to renovate it and it became our nice palace for my family and I for several years. As a last child, I didn’t feel what my siblings felt when they were living with my parent in the rented house. I lived in a quite comfortable life since I was kid. My father spent a lot of his time outside golfing and rarely at home on Sundays. This is where the conflict started.

My father started an affair and became unfaithful to my mom. After 19 years of marriage, my mom and my dad finally separated. I lived with my siblings and my mom, meanwhile my father was moving to his new house with his new wife and new kids. I’m not the last child anymore.

Darth Vader Is Like My Father

My father is not as badass as Darth Vader who is constantly hunt down the remaining surviving member of Jedi and crush the rebellion, but after he was seduced by the Dark Side like Luke’s father, we lived separately and not seeing each other too much right now.

I started to watch the Star Wars at the age of 10. My parents divorced when I was like 15 or 16 years old. But recently, somehow every time I watch Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi, every time it comes to the scene where Luke confronted his father on the Forest Moon of Endor, this scene always remind me of him.

This is what I feel every time I see my father.

Right now every time I see my father, from the outside, you will see that every thing looks normal. But there is a voice from deep inside of my heart screaming at my father, ask him to come with me and return to the light side. But somehow, no matter how hard my heart screams, I somehow also hear the voice coming out from his heart saying that it is too late for me, son.

Although Darth Vader was still alive when he met Luke on Endor, but after declining Luke’s offer to return to the Light Side, Luke consider that his father is already dead. It sometimes happen to me too. Albeit my father is still alive, I don’t feel his existence to my life anymore. As far as I know is that after the divorce, my life was fully supported by mom only.

So that’s why, in order to remembering him, I wear these Darth Vader shirts occasionally as a reminder of my twisted and sometimes evil father just like what Obi Wan described about Darth Vader in the episode of The New Hope.

I’m still hoping that he would return from the Dark Side one day and bring balance back to my life just like after Darth Vader returned from the Dark Side and brought balance to the Force.



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