Economy and Business

I’m Just The One Who Knew First…

When you’re reading an article about the famous CEO, Entrepreneur, or even a marketer you will find yourself shocked because some of them came from different background that really far away from Management. Just let say for instance, some of them even came from engineering background for example Ir. Ciputra and Hermawan Kartajaya. We also have the CEO of various mining companies in Indonesia who came from communication background such as Noke Kiroyan. Even we also had the one who came from forestry background which is the famous Joko Widodo, the incumbent Mayor of the City of Surakarta.

In the end, those who came from different educational background will understand about how to generate a money. They will understand marketing, finance, operation, and human resource through so many experience they face during their whole life as a CEO, an entrepreneur, or a marketer.

When you go to a Management or a business school, you will receive those kind of knowledge. After the management or business school students graduate, they will apply for a job in some profit oriented company competing with other graduates from various school such as engineering, fisheries, law, etc. When they are all accepted, they will learn about the whole management and business from the beginning again so in the end, those who came from non-management/non-business school students will understand about management, marketing, finance, operation, human resource and business by default.

So, Management students, just brace yourself when you’re about to enter the real world because you’re just the one who knew first. Don’t get satisfied with yourself first. Sooner or later, the rest will also understand too.


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