Peace After A Millennium Engulfed With Wars

According to the statistic, Germany and France had gone to war for over 200 times in 1000 years! So in average, every five years Germany went to war with France.

Napoleon Entered Berlin in 1806
Allies Troops Entered Paris in 1814 including German Troops
Bismarck and Napoleon III After France Lost The Battle in Sedan on 1871
France Accept German Capitulation in World War I on 1918
France Accepted German Capitulation in World War I on 1918
Hitler Received France Capitulation on 1940

That was more than 60 years ago. The war had shed so many bloods from the both side. Millions people lost their lives, lost their relatives, their property, their home. Thanks God now the war is over. Even these two former enemies started the idea of united Europe. Now these two countries have an important role to solve the crises in Europe. These pictures below show the common scene that we might see everyday. But these scenes almost impossible to occur before 1950s:

German Chancellor Schroeder and French President Chirac
Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel

I hope in my whole life, I won’t experience any war. War only brings pain, agony, and suffering. Everyone is hurted during the war. No matter it is the victor or the loser. I hope the war in Afghanistan will be the last war that ever happen on the face of the earth.

May the peace always be with all of us.


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